It’s Promotional Tech Tuesday and today we focus on charging cables!

08 March 2022

The UK market for Promotional charging cables is likely to represent sales in excess of £5M in 2022 which makes it a very serious and lucrative product area. Cables take all kinds of styles:  

  • ECO ones!
  • Award winning ones!
  • Long ones!
  • Short ones!
  • Funny ones! 
  • Tough ones! 

Trends in cables right now: 

  • “Fast Charge” cables are the future – charging at 2-3 times the speed of regular cables and allowing for laptop charging
  • Longer cables are becoming more popular as more versatile for a travel / hybrid working environment
  • ECO cables now represent 4 out of 5 enquiries
  • USB-C is becoming the dominant charging plug along with Apple lightning 

All our cables are designed to help promote your business and are the PromoTech item of 2022! 

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